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About Dutchland Farms, LLC

Dutchland Farms, LLC, a Member of the Wenger Group, offers nest run eggs, wholesale egg marketing, pullet growing, and flock service. We’re centrally located to serve the Mid-Atlantic region.


The name “Dutchland Farms” was first applied to the company’s egg division in 1962. At that time, the company packaged eggs under the label. It was originally conceived by Executive Chairman of the Board, F. Barry Shaw, to reference the rich culture of Lancaster County’s “Dutch Country.”

If you’re interested in joining our team, you can find openings at The Wenger Group’s web site.

The name “Dutchland Farms” was first applied to the company’s egg division in 1962. At that time, the company packaged eggs under the label.

Our Team

Zac Webb
Director of Operations

Zac is directly responsible for Dutchland Farms Egg Marketing Services. He previously worked as an Ingredient Analyst for Dutchland’s sister company, Nutrify, with additional experience in accounting and inventory management.  Zac is a graduate of Kutztown University.

John Patterson
Warehouse and Transportation Supervisor

John is our Egg Warehouse and Transportation Supervisor. With 30 years experience at the company, Jon manages all aspects of egg transportation and warehousing.

Tim Forry
Flock Service Technician

With more than 40 years of experience, Tim brings decades of poultry expertise to Dutchland Farms. Tim specializes in layers.

Mark Tremont
Flock Service Technician

With over 39 years of experience, Mark specializes in caged layer service but is available to service all types of poultry.

Casey Strawser
Poultry Compliance Specialist

Casey works with Dutchland Farms, LLC  contract growers and flock services customers to help them interpret and manage their specialty certification programs.

Michelle Madara
Flock Service Technician

Michelle Madara is a Certified Veterinary Technician with 26 years of experience working in veterinary medicine. She has an Associate Degree in Veterinary Technology from Johnson Technical Institute. When not working with flocks, she spends time with her husband, three children, and a  menagerie of domestic animals.


Michael Boyer
Poultry Service Technician

Being raised on a dairy farm in York County Michael had a love for agriculture from an early age. He is a Penn State graduate with a degree in Ag Business. For the past 19 years he has worked in the poultry industry as a service tech for a commercial turkey processor.

Jennifer Guidash
Flock Services Coordinator

Jennifer brings a strong interest in animal welfare and serves as an advocate for technology in her position servicing all types of flocks for Dutchland Farms. A graduate of the University of Delaware, Jennifer holds a B.S. in Pre-Veterinary Medicine and Animal Bioscience.

Deb Craig
Administrative Assistant

With 29 years experience at the company, Deb works with contract producer and grower farm agreements, pullet growing agreements, flock scheduling, and performs various administrative duties for the Flock Service Technicians. If you call in to the department, chances are Deb will help you with your inquiry.

Anthony Curtiss
Flock Service Technician

Service Technician Anthony Curtiss services all types of flocks for Dutchland Farms. Anthony has a background in feed manufacturing and as a veterinary technician.

David McCracken
Poultry Service Technician

David services broilers and turkeys for Dutchland Farms. He has extensive experience in agriculture.

“From the day the chicks arrive at the pullet barn until the birds retire as old fowl in the layer barn, the health, growth and production are closely monitored to ensure that maximum genetic potential is achieved. Regular health checks as well as uniform body weights are compiled to match breeder targets and standards. House environment—temperature, lights, feed and water—are closely observed and recorded to make sure entire flocks are healthy and comfortable. With these requirements being achieved, the proper rations can then be matched to their growth in the rearing stages through to the demands of the production stages of the full grown, mature layer.”
– Mark Tremont, Flock Service

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