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Flock Services

Dutchland Farms Flock Services’ programs are designed to assist the producer or grower in flock management and maximize flock productivity in layer, pullet, broiler, or turkey flocks. Based in Rheems, Pennsylvania, technicians service farms throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

Services Available

Licensed flock service technicians are available on-call 24-hours a day and provide a variety of services including production management, health management, guidance for food safety, and animal care guideline implementation. In addition, they provide guidance on testing for state and federal regulations for production and for live poultry market health certificates.

Our service technicians have nearly 50 years of combined experience and are available for regular farm visits to review flock records, check equipment, and perform bird necropsy to look for the hidden signs of disease. Flock Services customers see the benefit of regular flock service, “I value having my technician on the farm regularly to check things out. Recently, he found signs of disease in the flock during a routine exam. We were able to catch it so early that we did not see an impact on production.”

Prevent Costly Production Drops

By preventing a 1% drop in egg production for 100,000 birds at 85% production, you gain 70.8 dozen eggs/day or 495 dozen eggs/week.

Broiler service customers also gain real world dollars by preventing production drops. By reducing mortality and condemnations each by 1% in a 30,000 bird barn, the benefit is an additional 600 birds sold.

Keep Your Farm in Compliance

Achieving and maintaining the appropriate certifications is critical to your cash flow, and our service technicians, working closely with our dedicated Compliance Specialist, can help you or your growers prepare for a food safety, animal care, or specialty certification audit. While auditing can be stressful for the producer and follow-up audits can be expensive and time consuming, we can help you or your growers prepare to meet audit requirements, keep your farm in compliance, and maintain your market.

Data to Ensure Optimum Performance

By comparing results to historical flock records and breed standards, technicians are able to evaluate key performance indicators like eggs per hen housed, feed conversion, and percent production. Understanding and managing these metrics and then proactively making changes to flock management programs is critical to running a successful operation.

Let us help you take your business to the next level. Invest in flock service and watch it pay dividends.

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Maximize your production, increase farm efficiency, and save money with Dutchland Farms Flock Services.